This site is my home on the outskirts of cyberspace, I hope you enjoy.

Name: Jude Alias: Fretnoize Birthday: 15 Messidor (July 3rd) - Cancer Myers-Briggs: ISTP Male

What I do

I'm an artist, I make illustrations, sketch, paint, do 3D modeling and shit like that. I'm also a musician; I'm a symphonic double-bassist. I like to watch Youtube, draw and play instruments; I like being alone.

What I want to do

To create, to be independent, to eventually xxxxxxxx!!!


[88 x 31]


Movies/Shows: Angel's Egg, Memories (1995), Malice@Doll Videogames: Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, Death Stranding, Timesplitters 2 Music Genre: Postmodern and Contemporary Classical Artists: Takoto Yamamoto, Zdzisław Beksiński, John Singer Sargent and Tsukioka Yoshitoshi Clothing Style: Goth, Military and their variations Food: shrimp ramen Color: Green Season: Winter Animal: Shoebills, Capybaras, Pallas Cats (Manuls), Prairie Dogs and Caracals

Weather: Sunshower (when there is rain but the sun is still visible and casts shadows as if it is sunny outside; usually occurs in early mornings or late evenings.) Also just rain too :3 Artist Medium: Oils, graphite and sometimes watercolor Music & Music Theory Favorites: - Key: Eb major - Mode: Phrygian - Interval: Minor 9th - Chord: Minor eleventh Other Shit I'm into: TC, esoteric ARG/internet fuckery, sleeping, walking on the abandoned traintracks near my house for hours.