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Canon in D Cello Prelude in G The Four Seasons Moonlight Sonata Clair de Lune The Ninth Film Music

1st and 2nd Viennese Schools Clapping in Between Movements Mozart and Scatology Shostakovich 8th Quartet = suicide note 4’33” Piano Reductions of Symphonic works ELgar's Enigma Tchaikovsky 6 = suicide note Rite of Spring Premiere D-S-C-H Classical Score Youtube Channels 'Pops' The Firebird Sample Polytonality A = 432

Baroque Improvisation Tchaikovsky’s Romances Bruckner's obsessions Bach's sons Wittgenstein Pravda review of Shostakovich’s Lady MacBeth Heiligenstadt Testament Messiaen's Chromesthesia Historically Informed Performances Glenn Gould’s Mozart P.D.Q Bach Mahler 10 annotations 'Pre-Tuba' brass instruments Heinrich Biber’s Battalia a 10 Tintinnabuli Limited Modes of Transposition Ondes Martinot Removed pages from Mozart’s first draft of the Requiem Mahler Reductions for 4 hands Brahms and Clara had an affair

Adolphe Sax Patenting Attempts Chinese Propaganda Operas ASAP (Cage) Spectral Music Wim Winter's Double beat theory Shostakovich’s Fifth was actually Sincere Schoenberg's Death Albretchsberger's Jew's harp concerto Percy Grainger's fetishes Ravel's Influence on Coltrane Penderecki / Radiohead collab Gershwin Estate's Role in Copyright Extension

9/11 was a work of art (Stockhausen) Gesualdo did nothing wrong Hatsune Miku Well Tempered Clavier recordings Answering Ives' Unanswered Question Polysong Saxophone Omission Theories Sorabiji "Self-insituted Ban" Atterberg & Nazism Wiemar Style

Ligeti Requiem Recording with Torture Audio Ives Universe Symphony Drafts The Djabadary Incident Black Beethoven Theory Scriabin’s Mysterium Compositions by Benjamin Franklin Bach Oklahoma Silo Theory (DO NOT RESEARCH) Christopher Rouse coded message in Symphony No.5